Tune Up Kit. Suitable for all Madass 125cc

Tune Up Kit. Suitable for all Madass 125cc
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Product Code: 1114

Suitable for the Sachs Madass 125cc.

This kit has been especially constructed for all years of the Madass 125

The kit allows the engine to rev more freely with the larger 26mm carb and performance air filter.

What’s in the kit:

  • 1 x 26mm Mikuni oval bore carb jetted for the standard engine running a performance exhaust
  • 1 x Manifold offset 26mm
  • 1 x Force 38mm Air filter high flow
  • 1 x 4 pin CDI performance map NOW WITH WIDE BAND REV ADJUSTER.
  • 1 x Rear sprocket 39T 428 pitch Talon. Silver.
  • 1 x EGR exhaust gas recirculation blanking plate with gaskets. This is for the cylinder head
  • 1 x Longer throttle cable due to the carb sits now out to the left


Benefits of running this kit are better fuel consumption, lower revs when cruising and a great induction sound! 


  • There is no advantage in fitting this kit without changing or de restricting the exhaust.
  • We recommend you run this kit with a performance or fully de restricted exhaust for best results.

This kit will add around 20% overall power better rev holding and more top speed with less revs.


Why change the carb? Ok the stock carb is not a bad at all, its well made but its not possible to get any bigger jets for them un less you have a set of precision  jet drills!

Also the choke shape in this kit is better for higher reving power development.


Depending on the factory the body can come with different names on them such as YSN, Walbro, Shengwey, or Mikuni but its all the same based carb.


This we change as the stock tight bend bottle necks down to around 24mm on the bend.


We change these due to some stock one seem to have a limit of 9800 rpm.

Unlike a lot of CDI standard or performance, this CDI will keep the advance down for starting making the engine far less susceptible to kick back during starting

Timing and advance info

  • Safe start system retard
  • Static 0 to 500 RPM 10 Degrees
  • 1st advance over 500 to 2000 RPM 20 Degrees
  • 2nd Advance over 2000 to 3000 RPM ramping up to 38 degrees overall advance from idle 18 Degrees
  • Advance and static is relevant to pulse coil gap and size of trigger.

Recommended pulse coil gap 0.8 to 1.0mm

The CDI has the option if needed a rev controller. with the white wires connected the blue trimmer switch that controls the revs will be active, wind screw in to increase revs, and out to decrease revs.



  See test on you tube








Product Code 1114
Condition New
Weight 2.5Kg