Gen kit. Full ignition system. Race VMR118

Gen kit. Full ignition system. Race VMR118
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Product Code: 7284

VMR118 "4 coil" Full Ignition system  for engines from 50cc to 200cc, suitable for Honda CRF 50cc with 16/19mm taper

This is our full race system with high output 4 coil stator gives one hell of a spark on start up, makes starting easy on high comp engines!

If you have the 8 pin type ignition then this will be a great improvement.

Also no having the lighting coils on the stator reduces the amount of Haul Flux drag and heat by a considerable amount..

The list of parts supplied in this kit.

  • Stator plate with 4 coils.  with pick up, outer oring and seal
  • 530g mini flywheel enclosed Hi-G magnets 88mm O/D
  • CDI EASY START RED TAG DIGITAL 5pin with option for rev limiter
  • Mini race loom with all matching connectors plug and play
  • OOR stabile spark coil choice on colour and cap
  • Kill switch push


Complete plug and play system and less that 30 minutes to fit

Leave the 2 wires from the CDI disconected for bypassing rev limiter. Select the option for the switch shown in the image with the CDI to allow you to engauge and disengauge rev limiter as required.

Pulse coil needs to be set at 1mm to 1.3mm when installing.

Flywheel nut torque 45NM with a small amount of thread lock.


This VMR118 kit eliminates all the usual problems with starting, Kick backs, Broken crank cases and miss fires found when running inner rotors, plus with its variable advance and a bit more weight the torque gain is really impressive.

If you are not sure if this will fit your bike why not drop us a line.


Choices are whether to include:

Switch to control rev limiter



These CDI units are not fully water proof, water can get past the pins via the plug, so make sure it is out of any direct water spray.

Why has my CDI failed after a short while.” Vibrations are the biggest killer for the Digital CDI units” if the case is touching something metal it can cause them to fail, make sure you protect the unit with rubber to protect it from touching anything.

All CDI units are bench tested to test advance curve and rev limeter before dispatch

Product Code 7284
Condition New
Weight 1.3Kg