CDI. 4 Pin. Easy Start Digital . D/C. Performance Unit. SS3 3 PHASE.

CDI. 4 Pin. Easy Start Digital . D/C. Performance Unit. SS3 3 PHASE.
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Product Code: 9302

4 Pin CDI. D/C only. Suitable for All D/C powered ignition systems and MadAss 125cc

SS3, Super Spin, Electric start and all other stators

CDI 4 PIN D/C  Wide band switchable  rev control for use with small VMR118, Super Spin or normal large flywheels and electric start stator.

In closed mode  (WHITE WIRES CONNECTED)  the unit has a rev limiter. Adjustable upper rev limit by using the small brass screw on the unit. 3000RPM up to 13000RPM. Turn clock wise to increase RPM & Anti clock to reduce RPM.

In open mode  (WHITE WIRES DISCONNECTED) it will rev fully with no restriction.

Why have we made this unit? Two reasons:

  • 1. Some performance engines will go into valve bounce at around 12000 RPM during shifting up the gears, this can cause a major flat spot in the start of the next gear rev range due to turbulence in the intake from the valve bounce, so if we set the rev limiter to cut in 200 rpm before bounce the eliminates any turbulence in the in take avoiding a flat spot when you get back on the gas, so no more burbling back out through the carb!
  • 2.  With the flick of a remote switch you can restrict your bike to 30 mph


Options to order the ON/OFF push button switch to control rev limiter included.

Please note

Some 50CC models 2 wires will need to be swapped around in the plug for the unit to work, Mail us about this if the unit doesn't work on your set up.

Unlike a lot of standard or performance CDI's; This unit will keep the advance down for starting making the engine far less susceptible to kick back during starting

Timing and advance info

  • Safe start system retard.
  • Static 0 to 500 RPM 10 Degrees
  • 1st advance over 500 to 2000 RPM 20 Degrees
  • 2nd Advance over 2000 to 3000 RPM ramping up to 38 degrees overall advance from idle 18 Degrees


Advance and static is relevant to pulse coil gap and size of trigger.

Recommended pulse coil gap 0.8



  • A = 75mm
  • B =22mm



THE CDI REQUIRES RUBBER MOUNTING TO ENSURE LONGEVITY.  We now offer a silicone case, see drop down list.

Product Code 9302
Condition New
Weight 0.3Kg

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