Q. Clutch make a noise when pulling away.

A. Not an uncommon thing, make sure you only run mineral oil, some will bed in and stop, you can fit better plates EBC, key is no to over rev when pulling off.

Q. Engine has Seized up piston

A. Low oil most common, running weak, "not running a heat spacer between the carb and engine can result in them running weak, mainly on smaller engines. Incorrect gearing and the engine has cooked through over reving. Too restricted exhaust.

Seized in gudgion pin is a first sign of low oil.


Q Swinging arm brake anchor on monkey swing arm breaking off.

A. Normally caused by axle not being tightened enough and the entire load is on the anchor. Also the swinging arms are designed for 8” wheels, so if you run bigger wheels the leverage is greater and can result in it sheering off the anchor.


Starter chain:

Q. I have just fitted a new starter chain and it has snapped?

A. Common issue is that the small drive sprocket has been fitted on the wrong way round, this will derail the chain over the sprocket and snap it. Or some cases the starter gear has picked up on the alloy back plate, causing drag.

Have also see the starter clutch not allowing the starter gear to free wheel and the engine is dragging the starter around !

Check the starter switch is disconnecting and not running the starter motor constantly.

Check the decompressor is working some of the Z190 engine 2020 are faulty.




Q. Bought new 2 part split rims and the have distorted when inflated.

A. Never inflate wheels until the hub is bolted in especially on the DAX ST type hubs, max inflation is 30 psi, any more you will start to misshape the rims.



Q. Rubber bush bearings ripped out in a short time.

A. If the swinging arm pivot bolt is to tight it won’t allow the centre of the bush to rotate n the axle and will result in the bush failing.



Q . I’ve just fitted a new stator and flywheel, I now have no spark or charging issues.

A. When you tightened the flywheel did you stick somthing through the hole to tighten the flywheel nut?


You more than likely to have damage the ignition coils or charge coils then.

Q. My flywheel has come off

A. Incorrect flywheel torque, and not thread locked

Q. Fitted an E start engine, went to start it and could smell burning and battery was boiling?

A.You have more than likley not fitted the heavy earth cable from the neg of battery to the engine block and it has use the stator as the earth and it has melted the Neg cable from reg/reg into the + cable. can melt the 3 yellows too.