Q. Clutch make a noise when pulling away.

A. Not an uncommon thing, make sure you only run mineral oil, some will bed in and stop, you can fit better plates EBC, key is no to over rev when pulling off.


Q. Bought new 2 part split rims and the have distorted when inflated.

A. Never inflate wheels until the hub is bolted in especially on the DAX ST type hubs, max inflation is 30 psi, any more you will start to misshape the rims.



Q. Rubber bush bearings ripped out in a short time.

A. If the swinging arm pivot bolt is to tight it won’t allow the centre of the bush to rotate n the axle and will result in the bush failing.


Q. Brake anchor on swinging arm has broke off.

A. Common issue when the rear wheel is not tight enough and the brake plate moves under braking and in time will snap it off at the weld.