Head. E22 style. RED TAG Stage III tuned 70cc 90cc 110cc

Head. E22 style. RED TAG Stage III tuned 70cc 90cc 110cc
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Product Code: 1171

This head has the same valve sizes and dome as an E22 head. It has been fully Stage 3 tuned and gas flowed by OORacing This head produces less heat due to reduced sharp edges hence will hold power when used in endurance.

Ports are already a good size so we don’t make them any bigger .

Ideal to raise the compression on 110cc engines

Whats included:

  • Cast head  Gas flowed
  • Long duration cam 5.63mm lift
  • Cam sprocket 28 teeth
  • Cam bearings
  • Cam sprocket bolts (3 bolts)
  •  Inlet valve 24mm
  • Exhaust valve 20mm
  • Valve guides (2 Guides)
  • Valve seals (2 Seals)
  • Collets (4 Collets)
  • RACE valve spring (dual type 40 PSI at full compression)
  • top cap (retains collects)
  • rockers
  • rocker shafts
  • 6mm Exhaust studs



This works well with 47mm to 52mm diameter cylinders. Ideal for C90 conversions upgrading the existing head to include a bearing type camshaft for better performance, tuning and less drag.

Technical data:

  • Exhaust gap:    0.12mm
  • Inlet gap:          0.10mm
  • Head torque:     10ft/lbs


Check the head torque when the engine has cooled down from its first run.


CLICK HERE for a standard version of this same head

Useful links:

We recommend you don’t rely on the timing marks and set valve timing via LCA, they way it prevents valve damage and will give you the best performance. Reason is some engines have the crank sprocket pressed on not 100% correct.

You need a minim of 2mm piston to valve clearance 12 degrees before and after TDC on both valves, any less you will have piston to valve contact at higher revs resulting in a valve dropping.

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