Gen. Kit. SS3+. 3 Phase. 100W

Gen. Kit. SS3+. 3 Phase. 100W
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£99.98 £83.32 ExVAT

Product Code: 7914

Super spin, 3, generator kit. 100W Output with 470g flywheel.


After 2 years of development we have created a reliable system to produce 100W constant output at a maximum of 14.7V


This kit will now cure the issue of poor lighting and the usual issue with crankshaft snapping off and being out of balance with the 1 kg flywheels.


Most of the stators that are on the market are between 40watts and 55watts. If you are running a 40W+ head light and a 5watt tail light; your on the limit of the output of the gen already.


With this kit you now can run a 55W halogen head light and many other accessories with out risk of flattening the battery.


Due to the stator is full of coils there is no room for an A/C coil for powering a CDI. It has to be run with a 4 pin D/C powered CDI unit.

Supplied with:

  • Matching 3 phase Reg/Rec with control wire
  • Light weight 530 gram multi magnet flywheel Taper to suit 16mm/19mm will not fit the small 13mm/16mm
  • 12 pole 3 phase stator with pulse coil.
  • Direct plug and play for Madass 125 wiring loom


Specifications. Stator plate and Generator Coils:

  • 715g Weight overall
  • 115mm diameter overall
  • 75mm Diameter external core
  • 100W output (Through our reg/rec)


Wiring. Generator coils:

3 x Yellow wires: output to Reg/Rec (pre plugged)

1 x White/Blue: Trigger (male bullet)


Specifications. Flywheel:

  • 470g Weight (gross)
  • 88.5mm Diameter overall
  • 401mm Depth
  • 16mm-19mm Internal Taper
  • 27mm flywheel removal tool used to remove


Specifications. Reg/Rec:

  • 240g Weight (Gross)
  • 70mm Width
  • 81mm Length
  • 28mm Depth
  • 120mm Loom length
  • 3 pin male plug (to reg rec)
  • 3 pin female plug (to loom)


The Reg/Rec wiring:

  • 3 x Yellow direct plug into the stator “pre wired with 3 pin plug”
  • Red to battery + via fuse, you can use the red from old reg/rec plug
  • Green to earth or battery – Same as above to green or black/white
  • Black + switch needs to be connected to a + feed that becomes live when the ignition is switched on



Must run a battery YTX 4 LBS or bigger

Will not work with electric start engines unless you remove the starter motor.

Product Code7914