140cc. Engine 2 Valve. 14BHP. OORacing. Phase 5

140cc. Engine 2 Valve. 14BHP. OORacing. Phase 5
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140cc Phase 5 generation New needle roller bearing gear box 16mm kick start shaft



One of the most reliable engines on the market




  • 56mm alloy cylinder Kit.
  • New gear box selector gate positive stop “no jumping gears” 4 speed transmission, strengthened gears, all up gears N-1-2-3-4 starts in any gear with needle roller out put shaft bearing.
  • Billet engine covers.
  • Up rated valve springs with 5 Plate clutch
  • Valve diameter, 27 inlet, 23 exhaust
  • Bore (mm): 56
  • Stroke (mm): 57


Supplied in this kit

  • Choice of manifold
  • NEW PE26 style carb kit with Force filter "Retail £85"
  • FORCE filter in Black, Blue or Red
  • All option on gens are 530 gram 88mm flywheels
  • Reg/rec supplied with single phase and 3 phase "uses stock reg/rec for split phase"
  • 5 Pin Performance CDI BOLT with split phaese & single. 4 Pin Easy sart with 3 Phase
  • NGK C7-HSA Spark plug
  • Exhaust gasket, nuts and studs
  • Service and 'Running in' info see link below
  • 10mm Breather hose
  • Kick start (Black)
  • Gear changer (Black)
  • Big magnet in clutch cover



We offer a fitting and service for any of our engine range please call the workshop for a quote on 01304 814447

Please check out the other images of the engine fitted into a Monkey bike or a DAX.

Suitable for use in Monkey, DAX, Chaly C50/70/90


All engines are fitted with the latest kick start SHEER GEARS, this is to protect the engine from any major kick back caused by improper starting.

These gears are designed to take out the energy from a kick back and sheer the gears with out shattering the crank cases.

All engine BHP reading are taken from the crankshaft, rear wheel reading will be lower.

Service Info LINK

Terms and Conditions LINK

If you don’t know what the right option for you is please don’t hesitate to call or email us with the model of your bike and year so we can advise to the right choice. info@ooracing.com Tel 01304 814447


Generator Information

All our generators are supplied with the small 88mm light weight 530 grams performance flywheel.


Split Phase 40W Generator.

This is the common type found on most bike identified by yellow & white wire. Also, if your main head light only works when the engine is running, you have a split phase system.

This Generator will use the original 4 pin reg/rec from your bike.


  • Lights dim and brighten with the revs.
  • Can’t install LED lights.
  • Can't operate LCD clocks with out them failing in time.



  • Yellow wire = A/C out to reg/rec & head light switch
  • White wire = A/C out to reg/rec battery charging
  • Green = Earth
  • Black/Red = Source coil
  • Blue/white = Trigger


Single phase 40W Generator.

This is the type of system where all the electrical components run off a battery. Identified by having 2 yellow wires.

Safe to run LED lights & LCD display and the lights don’t dim and brighten with the engine rev’s

Comes suplied with correct type RR reg/rec


  • 2 X Yellow wire = A/C out to reg/rec
  • Green = Earth
  • Black/Red = Source coil
  • Blue/white = Trigger


Three phase 100W Generator

Same as the single phase 40W Generator but with a much higher output.

You can run better light such as a 55W head light and other additional accessories.

Comes suplied with the correct type SS3 reg/rec.

You will need the 4 pin CDI option for this to work, it’s a simple conversion this we can run though if you email us.


  • 3 X Yellow wire = A/C out to reg/rec
  • Blue/white = Trigger


Race generator. No Lights.

This system runs only the ignition only. There is no lighting coils and hence, will not run  lights.

4 source coils supply the CDI rather than 2. Due to no lighting coils, this reduces fluxing and resistance.

Comes with BOLT CDI, Coil & loom pre wired


  • Black/red = Source coil CDI power
  • Blue/white = Trigger coil
  • Green = Earth



Product Code 0542
Condition New
Weight 28Kg