Carb Kit. 26mm PE style pre jetted ready to go. OOR2

Carb Kit. 26mm PE style pre jetted ready to go. OOR2
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£65.33 ExVAT

Product Code: 5442

Carb Kit 26mm PE style pre jetted ready to go.

This we will say is as good as the VM26 its main improvement is you don’t have to run such a fast idle speed to overcome bogging down on re opening the throttle after long closure.

OOR2 casting.This is the Lower  quality version but we have converted them to work realy well, price reduced From 11/9/19

Perfect for tuned 125cc to 170cc engines

Will be adding new options as we get them dynoed.

So options to date are for the stock & tuned YX 140cc & 149cc long stroke 160 2V engine


Brass chrome slide nice clearance

46mm filter stub fitting

Manifold stub fitting 33mm

Carb length 83mm overall

Height 145mm inc rubber top

6mm fuel hose fitting push fit

Uses jets below

Main part number 4190

Pilot part number 7357

Needle un marked 4 stroke

Slide cut out 3.0


A little over view on jetting

So out of 10 YX140/150 engines we have tested on there is a small variation on main jet.

Common is the supplied main 112 this actually measures 115.

Pilot 38

Now due to the differences in exhausts it dose effect what main you need.

So far the range we have used to set up the above engines are 107.5 110

So if you have a miss around 7000 rpm its rich so you will need to drop the main down

Product Code5442