Heating Solutions



I.                  Application & Fuels


For heating industrial spaces such as workshops, warehouses, industrial buildings, garages, farm buildings etc. via a warm air heating system.

Heating area

60KW up to 6,000 square feet

120KW up to 11,000 square feet

Every heater is equipped with a waste oil burner of a specific model. For the waste oil burner please refer to the Waste Oil Burner Manual.


What can be used as Fuel? 



For thin oils like Diesel no need to pre heat the oil

Virgin oils


Waste oils

Mineral and synthetic oils (used engine oil, transmission, hydraulic, gear box oil etc, with a viscosity of not more than SAE80)  YES

Rapeseed Oil YES
Vegetable oils YES

Bio Fuels YES
Waste vegetable oils YES
Fish Oils YES


Must not burn

Any solvents of highly flammable fuels

Thinners NO

Petrol NO

Brake fluid NO

Oil contaminated with water NO


II.               Models & Technical Parameters



Heat Output (KCal/H)

Oil Consp’n (KG/H)

Exhausting Air (M3/H)

Tank Ms’t (L)



Burner Power (KW)

Total Power (KW)


















Note:    1. YBH heater is the hanging type.

Remark: Power supply is 220V/50Hz/1phase or 110V/50HZ/1 phase. Please use as per the actual system.


III.            Structure


The machine is composed by a burner, a heating exchange cabinet, an electrical controlling system and other parts.

1. Burner is to get fire from waste oil, please refer to the burner manual.

2. Heating exchange cabinet contains stainless steel piping and exhausting fans, to utmost exchange heating between fire and air.

3. Electrical controlling system includes remote control and temperature control for automatic running and controlling of the machine.

(1). Remote control for turning the heater on and off, press “1” for on or “2” for off, range is approx 20 meters from the machine.

(2). Heater comes with temperature control, when the temperature reaches the required temperature the heater will stop automatically. When the temperature is below the required temperature, the heater will start to maintain the temperature again.


IV        Outlook

Control Board of Heater


Alarm: If the flame has gone out or there’s a start issue, the alarm will sound and the heater will stop.

Power: After connecting the power, the power indicator light will be on.

Remote Hand: Remote control: the machine will be turned on /off by remote control.

            Hand control: after connecting the power, the machine will work automatically.

Emergency: Urgent Stop.

Thermostat: Please keep the pre setting, only need to adjust the temperature.



  1. Measurement value (PV) display (green)

PV is actual room temp in Celsius

  1. Set value (SV) display(orange)

SV is your required temp setting in Celsius

  1. SV Setting



a. Press SET for half a second into SV setting status, twinkling number can be set.                              


b. Press A/M to remove the twinkling position.



c. Press       to increase the temperature, press     to decrease the temperature.


d. After setting the temperature press SET, then the set number will stop twinkling, then back to PV/SV status.



For efficient operation a minimum flue height of ½ meter above the roof apex or 1 meter above other roof locations must be achieved. The minimum flue length 4 meter in length, can be single skin or insulated stainless steel.



V.               Using & Maintenance


Connect pipes to smoke pipe (Dia. 140mm) towards outside.

1. Power connection

Firstly, check the emergency stop button and assure that it is at lift position.

Wire the machine with power for 220V /50Hz/ 1 phase,

2. Air compressor connection

Connect with an air compressor and adjust it to 0.1-0.15Mpa.

3. Oil filling

Fill big tank with waste oil.

4. Turn on the power, make sure the power indicator is on, push the open button on the remote control and machine starts working.

5. Maintenance

  Open the cover of heater exchange cabinet to clean off dust every 3 month.

Clean ducts of combustion chamber regularly.