Relay. 40W or 80W 4 pin

Relay. 40W or  80W 4 pin
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Product Code: 9040

Here we have the common range of relays you will need for your custom builds.

These we use daily and know they will put up with the job. Fuel pump fans or just lights

Relays are used for many car electronic applications to turn on/off almost any device. 
They are also used when a device draws heavy amperage: 
such as car alarms, remote starts, fog lights, stereos, fans,HID headlights, pop doors, air horns, and much more.
1 relays with 1 sockets
12 Volt 4-prong relays


12V 40AMP ON/OFF 4 pin  perfrct for horn lights  up to 35W

12V 80AMP ON/OFF 4 pin  Fuel pump light over 35W

Relay box size 27mm x 24mmBracket with 6mm hole

Can be switch by + or Neg -

Product Code9040