C90 Tuning top end upgrade kit with carb kit 19mm

C90 Tuning top end upgrade kit with carb kit 19mm
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Product Code: 1663

Pep up your C90 engine, this is for all the CDI engines to convert from cam running directly in the head type to new roller bearing type, makes a huge difference on the valve train load.

Will also replace the later heads with roller bearing.

Just bolt on and go!

Far more cost effective than trying to rebuild the original with normaly broken exhaust studs

The head has the same valve sizes and dome as an E22 head

What’s included:

  • Cast Alloy head
  • Inlet valve 23mm
  • Exhaust valve 20mm
  • Standard cam 5.63mm lift
  • Cam sprocket 28 teeth
  • Cam bearings (2 bearings)
  • Cam sprocket bolts (3 bolts)
  • Valve guides (2 guides)
  • Valve seals (2 seals)
  • Collets (4 collets)
  • Valve spring (dual type) (2 springs) 40 psi
  • Top cap (retains collects) (2 caps)
  • Rockers (2 rockers)
  • Rocker shafts (2 shafts)
  • 6mm Exhaust studs (2 studs)
  • Top set of gaskets
  • Carb 19mm OE style round bowel “base pre jetted for 90CC”
  • 22mm inlet manifold kit off set back left
  • Force foam air filter 38mm choice of “RED, BLUE, BLACK.


This head is all assembled and ready to fit with the valve gaps set but we recommend you check the gaps after installation.

This works well with 47mm to 52mm diameter cylinders. Ideal for C90 conversions upgrading the existing head to include a bearing type camshaft for better performance, tuning and less drag.

Technical data:
Exhaust gap:    0.12mm
Inlet gap:          0.10mm
Head torque:     10ft/lbs

Recheck the head torque when the engine has cooled down from its first run.
Check gaps every 350-500 miles or every 5-7 hours of use.

Product Code1663