Tool. Cable Oiler

Tool. Cable Oiler
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Product Code: 0755

A great tool for the work shop.

Now in blue/gold colour

Cable oiler.
Oil. (any unused engine oil will work)
Rag (to clean up)

Typical use:

  • Loosen cable if being oiled on the bike or fix cable into a vice very gently. so it hangs vertically.
  • Gently clamp the cable oiler on the top end of the cable.
  • Place oil can nozzle into the small opening in side of cable oiler.
  • Slowly force oil into the oiler and allow time for the oil to travel down the interior of the cable.
  • Remove the cable oiler by unscrewing it and slipping it away.
  • Wipe away any excess after completing the process.
  • Do not over oil the cable.

This should extend the life of your cables, decrease friction and save wear.

Product Code 0755
Condition New
Weight 0.1Kg