26mm Molkt Carb.

26mm Molkt Carb.
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Sadly now we have stopped selling this round bore Molkt as its become too unreliable 4 out of 10 have faults and some even that will come and go. We have now replaced it with the new PE26 style carb part number 3548 has far better results on performance through the range and is reliable.



Molkt 26mm


Will also work with the Z125 HO engine select 140cc option as its the same jetting.

Molkt carbs don’t have the best reputation that’s due to 1 out of 10 we found have a fault, these we put right before dispatch, we also fit our paper float gasket and top cap gasket rather than the rubber ones that fail with today’s ethanol fuel.

Benefits for using a molk with 140cc and 160cc engines are they will give you better low down cruising speeds and mid range for road use.

See base jetting option for CC.


This carb uses below jets

Keihin slot Main jets. Part number 4190

Pilot jet Mikuni style Part number 1185

Now with paper gasket float and top slide gasket

Stock pilot 17.5

Main jet from 102 to 107.5 subject to CC option

PZ28 needle

Slide cut 1.5

5mm push fit hose

48mm bolt centres

46mm air filter stub fitting “best filter we found is the Force Part number 8020”

Ideal base pilot screw setting to get you running ½ turn out

Needle clip range middle to 1 notch from bottom

Carbs need to run a 6mm heat spacer between the carb to manifold or from manifold to head.

Do not over tighten flange as it will distort the slid and will stick.


This type of primary air controlled carb need to run fairly fast idle to prevent a misfire on reopening of the throttle.

Product Code 0466
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