Wifi Vibration or movement sensor

Wifi Vibration or movement sensor
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Product Code: 5426

Wifi Vibration or movement sensor

Silent alarm system

Ok so what are these units, well they as such a simple device that stands alone “no wiring” will alert you via the App that it’s been triggered.  Also alerts you when the signal has fallen out and when the batteries are getting low.

We have fitted the vibration units in trailers and plant equipment in IP66 water proof boxes.

One of our customers got tired of false alarms detection from his cameras even when turned down at night, so he’s fitted 15 units in different pieces of equipment, doors, gates and turned off the camera detection now he only gets an alert when there is a physical movement. Then he can check the camera’s to check.

He said he’s gone for up to 50 alerts from the camera to zero false ones!

This units is perfect to protect your bike, trailer, tool box and any possible other product!

All you need to set up is down load the APP,  2 AAA batteries & a WIFI signal 2.4Ghz no wiring it’s a standalone unit.

The App is so simple to use & set up each device, you can name each sensor and add a photo, shows you a list of times of each alert.

The unit has 2 settings High & low will pick up movement more on high and vibration/shock on low.

Has a blue LED on the side that shows when its sending out a signal. Handy for setting up.

Take around 5 to 10 seconds from point of trigger to receiving alert on your phone, all subject to the quality of your connections.

The unit is not IP67 outdoors rated but you can fit into a water proof rated junction box for protection.

We use the units on gates, machinery in the yard etc.

See our other range of senders.

You can also set up the time parameters when you don’t want the unit to alert you.

Please Note it’s not a tracking device, will stop transmitting as soon as it’s moved out of the wifi connection. But it’s a good warning that something is going on..

Why we like these units is they are not like the GSM trackers that require a SIM card and for it to send a signal with in certain time or the card is cut off but the supplier.

Just gives you positive alert unlike some of the camera detections triggered wild life!


 63mm long

23mm high

33mm wide

White plastic

  • Wirelessly pair device to your standard router or Wi-Fi extender
  • Alerts are sent to your Smartphone or tablet device
  • Notifications can be silent or accompanied by an alarm tone
  • Max. 100x individual devices can be registered and seen in the app and shared with other devices
  • Low power consumption, typically 2x AAA batteries per year
  • Low battery and loss of signal alerts
  • Free app available for your Smartphone or tablet device (Android/iOS)
  • App records last 30 activations with time and date
  • Lifetime Cloud service for the app provided free of charge
  • 4x Daily programmable device-disabled time periods
  • Vibration Sensor:-
  • Powerful, built-in G-Sensor
  • Sends an alert notification once vibration or movement is detected
  • Sensitivity adjustment setting High & Low


Product Code5426