Synthesis XRP Fuel Enhancer. Rock oil. 250ml bottle. Additive

Synthesis XRP Fuel Enhancer. Rock oil. 250ml bottle. Additive
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Product Code: 0707

Enhances the octane rating of most uleaded fuels and improves the flame spread on ignition for greater combustion.

More suitable for high compression engines. 250ml treats 40 ltrs of fuel


from the label:

Synthesis XRP fuel enhancer is a carefully balanced formulation based on light hydrocarbon fractions and components specially selected for their performance enhanging properties. This combination offers the complete fuel system additive suitable for use on all vehicles running on unleaded fuel.


Specially developed additive that gives a guaranteed octane increase of 3 points thus enhancing performance. Prevents carb icing. Treats and conditions the entire fuel system. Improves enging running and sharpens throttle response. Excellent valve seat protection against recession. Outstanding engine cleanliness. No harmful side effects. excellent fuel system deposits control. Reduce maintenance costs and downtime for repairs.

Product Code 0707
Condition New
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