Loom Wiring. Ignition only. 5 pin

Loom Wiring. Ignition only. 5 pin
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Product Code: 0632

This is a simple ignition wiring loom. It connects the coil, CDI, kill switch and stator.


There is no lighting circuit with this.

Plug in as follows:


1. There are 3 wires from your stator to match up colour for colour on this loom:

  • Green to Green
  • Black/red to Black/red
  • Blue/white to Blue/white

2. Green wire with 6mm ring goes to earth.


3. Spades in the rubber shroud go to coil: Green,  Black/yellow.

4. Black/white wire with the female bullet goes to the kill switch.


5. Plug in your 5 pin CDI to the 5 pin CDI plug

Wiring chart


  • Blue/White =   Trigger pulse coil stator to CDI
  • Black/Red =    Source coil feed Stator to CDI
  • Green =           Common earth
  • Black/white =   Kill switch, earth out to stop.
  • Black/yellow = Feed to coil.
Product Code 0632
Condition New
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