Lock & Seal. Force. Sleeve & Bush, Stud & Bearing FORCE

Lock & Seal. Force. Sleeve & Bush, Stud & Bearing FORCE
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Product Code: 9801

FORCE Range of products 10ml bottles

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Lock & seal

  • Medium viscosity locking compound
  • Medium strength thread locker with all the performance of standard nutlock but with the ability to set on any oil revieved parts.


Sleeve & bush

  • Low viscocity locking compound
  • Ultimate strength retention of most cylindrical metal parts in constant stress and load.


Stud and bearing

  • High viscosity locking compound
  • Ideal for securing all cylindrical and close fitting parts including studs and bolts.


Directions for use:

  • Suitable for bonding lightly oiled received parts.
  • Heavy oil and grease deposits should be removed before bonding.
  • Best results will be achieved with clean metal.
  • Apply to one component at the final fixing position and assemble normally.
  • Locking action only commences after assembly.
  • Handling strength attained after 15 minutes.
  • Functional strength develops after 45 minutes.


Product Code9801