KOR 60KW Auto start Multi fuel workshop heater runs on New and used oils

KOR 60KW Auto start Multi fuel workshop heater runs on New and used oils
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£3,250.00 ExVAT

Product Code: 1181

This is far from your normal oil heater, it doesn’t require you to manually light with a rag or clean out each day!  it’s fully automatic and thermostatically controlled via an external room stat, so will come on and off to keep the required room temperature.

It can run on various oils, virgin or waste oils “see you local authority on burning waste oils’

See list of oils you can run below.

What can be used as Fuel? 



For thin oils like Diesel no need to pre heat the oil

Virgin oils

Waste oils:

Mineral and synthetic oils (used engine oil, transmission, hydraulic, gear box oil etc, with a viscosity of not more than SAE80)  YES

Rapeseed Oil YES
Vegetable Oils YES

Bio Fuels YES
Waste vegetable Oils YES
Fish Oils YES

Must not burn

Any solvents of highly flammable fuels NO

Thinners NO

Petrol NO

Brake fluid NO

Oil contaminated with water NO

Heater has a built in pre heat tank to get the oil to the right viscosity to inject. Diesel and thin oils don’t require pre heating, Thicker oils will need heating i.e waste engine oil will need to the pre heat tank set to 80c.

The heaters are so efficient they don’t produce smoke from the exhaust due to the extreme burning temperature.

Why the burner is so efficient is that compressed air pulls up the oil and injects into the main chamber with a squirrel fan driving air behind it aiding the burn.

The old non automatic heaters were not that safe, compared to this system, has a photo cell to watch the flame so if there was an issue of the flame going out it will shut down the system and sound an alarm.

The Kit also comes with a oil lift pump and filter system that is controlled via the heater, when the pre heat tank gets low it automatically switches the pump on to send oil up!

Also if the oil supply runs out and the oil level in the pre heat tank runs low it will shut down the heater


Now the heat output can be controlled by the compressed air input 8 psi to 12 psi from 25Kw up to 60Kw

The heat is pushed out by 2 huge 17” fans mounted at the back of the burner chamber

Fans can also be used in the summer for cooling

60Kw dimensions 135cm length, 70cm high, 60cm depth excluding burner on end this adds 38cm.


What do you need to run the heater?

1.240V Single phase supply 13amp plug

2. Compressed Air supply “We stock small silent compressors” see listings or our main web shop

3. Oil storage tank “We have 100 liter day tanks with warmers in bottom for cold oil’s that are too thick to pump” see listing s or our main web shop

4. Flue/exhaust 4” single skin and hole in roof!  “We have kits see listings”

 That’s it and you are up and running.

Can be mounted suspended from ceiling “has 4 eyes on top” or mounted on a stand.



Why have we gone into heating now, well we looked at a number of heaters on the market new and second hand A the cost of the new ones are very high, and the second hand ones have rotted out due to being made of mild steel.

What sets this one out from most is the whole heat exchanger is made of 304 stainless steel and 1.6mm it allows it to expand and contract with the heat cycles.

Body is made of steel that is powder coated.

Product Code1181