Gen. Kit. SS3+. 3 Phase. 100W. Shotgun Ignition. CDI and COIL in 1 box

Gen. Kit. SS3+. 3 Phase. 100W. Shotgun Ignition. CDI and COIL in 1 box
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Product Code: 9843

We have developed this system to work together for maximum ease, effectivness, reliability and efficiency.

We have combined our 3 phase generator kit with our Shotgun ignition system.

Whats in the Kit:


The Generator:

  • Super spin 3 phase gen kit 100W output with 535 gram flywheel.
  • 2 years of development and refinement.
  • This kit will now cure the issue of poor lighting and the usual issue with crankshaft snapping off and being out of balance with the 1 kg flywheels.
  • Will not work with electric start engines unless you are removing the starter
  • Just about all the stators that are on the market are from 40 watts up to 55 watts so if your running a 40W head light with a 5 watt tail light your right on the limit of the output of the gen, with this kit you now can run a 55W halogen head light and many other accessories with out risk of flattening the battery.



The Shotgun ignition:


Link 2



This is our all in compact ignition box, that allows you to run the ignition side of the wiring to be modular,

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x CDI Digital processor EASY START 10 degree starting advance
  • 1 x Mega spark coil “due to the extra power spark you can run a .8mm plug gap”
  • 1 x LED Power warning light
  • 1 x Spark present warning light that will flash one each pulse signal
  • 1 x Silicon 5 ohm plug cap for C D E range spark plugs (500mm length lead)
  • All of the above is potted in the new soft anti vibration gel
  • In this kit with the box
  • 4 x Mounting rubbers M6 stud and other end Female M6 (B=25mm C=23mm)
  • 1 x Wiring harness power in 490mm with water proof plug and inline fuse
  • 1 x Pulse coil and harness 800mm long Mounting hole (D=35mm M5)

Box dimensions

  • H = 115mm
  • I = 40mm
  • G = 70mm

All you need to make the unit run is to connect to a 12V D/C power supply and connect the pulse coil lead to your existing pulse coil or install the new one supplied, and that it you are up and running.!

For more advance fitting i.e. to engines with out a trigger on the flywheel such as lawnmower engines please contact us


Wiring info

  • RED = + 12V
  • GREEN = - NEG


Please note when fitting your battery negative must be common to the chassis to work

Advance and timing info

Unlike a lot of CDI standard or performance, this CDI will keep the advance down for starting making the engine far less susceptible to kick back during starting

Timing and advance info

  • Safe start system retard.
  • Static 0 to 500 RPM 10 Degrees
  • 1st advance over 500 to 2000 RPM 20 Degrees
  • 2nd Advance over 2000 to 3000 RPM ramping up to 38 degrees overall advance from idle 18 Degrees
  • Advance and static is relevant to pulse coil gap and size of trigger.
  • Recommended pulse coil gap 0.8 to 1.0mm


Product Code9843